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The CAScination Clinical Case Blog - Independent User Experiences of CAScination's Stereotactic Navigation System

Every month the CAScination Clinical Case Blog publishes independent reports of interventional procedures carried out with CAScination’s stereotactic navigation systems. Reports are published in English and German and submitted by the clinical teams directly as blog posts.

Cases are summarised as brief notes with highlights of the initial condition and treatment to date, followed by the intervention. Each stage of the intervention is documented with annotated scans and comments. Treatment outcomes and follow up details conclude the post.

Optimised for mobile viewing the cases are a quick and convenient and way to stay informed on new applications and hear from colleagues and their use of the stereotactic navigation systems. The blog format encourages comments, discussions and exchanges of experiences. The cases will be posted on all CAScination social medial platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn to facilitate sharing.


CAScination AG is an award-winning medical technology company dedicated to development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovations in computer-assisted and image-guided surgery. Our trailblazing navigation systems and surgical robots are designed to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgical or interventional procedures and offer new perspectives to patients worldwide. Our CAS-One planning and navigation system is used to treat patients suffering from soft tissue cancer (e.g., liver cancer) by many hospitals across Europe, and we are developing further applications in a number of disease areas.


    Navigated ​Irreversible ​Electroporation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Th​is patient presented with ​an 18mm Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) on the posterior aspect of Segment III of the liver. The ablation technique used…


    Biopsy and Microwave Ablation of a residual Metastasis in Segment I

    Complex treatment to help a patient with several liver metastasis. In this case a biopsy followed by a microwave ablation of a residual metastasis in…


    Tissue Sparing Ablation of Liver Metastasis close to Colon

    CT-guided microwave ablation of two liver metastasis in the left hepatic lobe in segments III and IVa. Due to the patient history, a tissue-sparing…


    CT-Guided Cryoablation of a Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Complex percutaeous intervention with six needles and long trajectories. Cryoablation of a renal cell carcinoma close to pancreatic tail and spleen.…


    Navigated Microwave Ablation of a Colon Metastasis in the Lung

    Navigated microwave ablation of a metastasis of the colon that has settled in the lower left lobe of the lung. Planning of the procedure, ablation and…


    Ablation of "invisible" Lesion in Segment VIII

    CT-guided and navigated biopsy followed by microwave ablation of a hepatocellular carcinoma. Treatment thanks to image fusion of MRI and CT imaging on…


    Ablation in segment VI close to portal vein and vena cava

    Navigated ablation of a difficultly located lesion in segment VI of the liver under the glisson capsule between the portal vein and the vena cava.…


    Microwave ablation of a lesion close to Vena Cava Inferior and Left Portal Vein

    Microwave ablation of an unfavorably located lesion in segment I of the liver with a distance of only 4 mm to the vena cava inferior and a distance of…


    CT-guided ablation of a deep seated hepatic tumor in segment VIII

    Biopsy and ablation of a deep lesion in the liver in segment VIII via an angulated trajectory. Diagnosis of the lesion in an MRI of the liver. Accurate…


    Tissue-sparing tumor treatment in a patient with  a single kidney

    In a patient with a single, functioning kidney, the advantages of navigated microwave ablations that allow the destruction of the tumor while…

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